Accurate Elevation Drawings

Close-range or architectural photogrammetry can provide accurate 3D digital models with realistic photo textures, elevation (facade) CAD drawings, and rectified (distortion free), scaled photographs.

The general definition of photogrammetry is: "the science of obtaining accurate measurements from photographs". Close-range photogrammetry is an established technique using high-resolution digital images taken from multiple angles, to calculate relative spatial locations of a set of points.

Photogrammetry is considered a non-contact measurement method. Therefore, is well suited for multi-story buildings, or buildings with restricted access.

A photogrammetry project is a very complete and systematic photographic recording of a building. A general rule of photogrammetry requires at least three photographs of a building facade or object from separate camera positions. Because of the extensive coverage, the field photographs may also serve as detailed historical documentation.


Digital 3D models, drawings, and photographs are provided on CD-R and print media, in a variety of standard file formats and resolutions. The elevation (facade) drawing format is either 2D coordinate XY plane (flat) with the Z coordinate removed, or a correctly oriented 3D format.

Internet browser plug-ins and stand alone programs are available for viewing the 3D models in VRML format.